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Maintaining Traditional Styles

April 5, 2017


I love working with subjects that have a very distinct point-of-view. If I come across one more hip-hop dancer twerking it and popping it in Los Angeles, I swear I might have to  throw my camera on the ground and do the running man!

I am aware that our current dance culture in LA is very much hip-hop centric while those that uphold the traditional styles of dance are certainly in a space all to themselves on the fringes of your local dance studio. I can peak through the doors of any of the classes at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio or Millennium and see a room of sweaty dancers thrashing to some track by Nicki Minaj. 

How refreshing it was to meet a young dancer named Dante who wanted to tap into the heart and soul of the motherland with some tribal influence. Dante was characteristically centered and focused almost as if he was calling upon the ancestors into the studio with him. 



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