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Communicate with their Bodies

February 10, 2017


Casting a wide net doesn't necessarily mean you'll yield lots of fish. Case in point, my search for the right kinds of dancers to help me chronicle their respective stories has met with a lot of hit-and-miss.  I am discovering that a specific calibre of dancer also willing to share with me their journey was going to be paramount.  Dancers with a fire for the art and who are putting in the work on their craft was critical if I was going to make this project about more than a bunch of pretty poses and lines. 

So far, I have interviewed and tested roughly 80 dancers of various styles and disciplines and have opted to test shoot about 12 of them. Even beyond the photo shoot, finding a great dancer with something to say about their journey is like working a gold mine. Dancers communicate best with their bodies and I can see that finding those that can hold a conversation and share their journey will be the tall order that has to be filled.



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