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Strike a Pose

August 7, 2017


As I explore further into the world of black dancers, I wanted to tap into those groups that aren't so easily seen. The underground club kids who for all intents and purposes have a sense of belonging to a like minded family . 

To my delight and surprise, there is a thriving Voguing community and I attending my first Vogue Ball in search of dancers. The group is organized through the non-profit organization Reach LA that fosters programs to support primarily black and latino youth with resources and support around HIV/AIDS education and awareness. I have not seen such an exuberant crowd and experienced young people expressing themselves with such abandon. One couldn't help but get swept up in the sheer moment of it all! 

I am now in conversations with Reach LA to possibly collaborate on my project to utilize their pool of dancers who also have very dynamic stories to share for my series. 







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