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Dancing with Heart

January 6, 2018


There is nothing more exciting than to work with dancers who exude their love for the art! I have to say I am very fortunate to have come across a collection of dancers who all have a divine passion for the craft of dance. 

As we are now pushing into a new year, I Am Dance is entering a new phase where we are whittling down and weeding out images and stories that don't necessarily propel the aesthetic and story we are trying to tell. At this point, we are focusing in on stores that give those on the receiving end of this project a takeaway of understanding and awareness of how dance has and can effect lives.

I am very happy that the one theme that is carried through each of the dancers is their absolute love and commitment to the art. Each dancer that I have had the privilege to photograph and interview for this project all express that despite all of the highs and lows of this profession, dance is a calling on their lives and it is something they have to do. Layered with the narrative that each point of view comes from that of dancers of color and this project takes on a very specific sensibility. 

There are more exciting things laying ahead for this project and thank you all for riding along on this journey! 




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