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Production Begins

April 29, 2018


It's been a busy first quarter in 2018. With the number of dancer shoots scheduled, it's been a bit overwhelming to be shooting, culling editing and managing all of these files. Alas, the process has been incredibly productive and while the bulk of our dancers have been photographed, now we can look into production of "I Am Dance" the book. 

We will be working with a book publishing partner based out of Atlanta, GA. We chose this particular company to partner with because of their aesthetic and sensitivity to the point of view of the subject matter. 

First order of business has been the delivery of the manuscript which is currently in the editing phase. Because the book is so comprised mainly of photos, a highly competent graphic designer needs to be identified to take care of the actual "look" of the book and the the content layout. 

Timelines are being put into place and this little idea of a project is looking like all wheels are starting to turn to create a beautiful book that will hit the market early next year! We are very excited! 



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